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10 Tips to Take a Relaxing Bath

There are many ways to restore this broken cords with the inner self and what is more relaxing than a quiet serene and carefully prepared bath to stop the clock and just switch off and recharge those batteries?Simply feeling beautiful and tranquil is the main goal of a leisurely bath. Even the thought is gratifying.

Here are some ideas for helping to create a peaceful haven in your bathroom where you can float away to your own exotic place:
1. Start running the bath using water that's only slightly hotter than normal. Do not too hot water as it can have some negative impact on your skin.2. If you have normal to dry skin, pour in in bath oil that contains natural moisturisers. If you have oily skin oils of any kind are not the best idea. Bath and shower gel is then the best.

3. Adding bath salts is an inexpensive way to enjoy a soothing bath. Milk baths are popular and choose one with organic sea salts that is gentle on the skin. The milk will leave your skin supple and soft. Bath salts with essential oils such as lavender can also provide therapeutic benefits.

4. Turn off the bathroom lights and light a scented candle or two and place them in strategic locations so the light can flicker on the water and in the mirror.
5. Take a portable CD player and put on your favourite music – please no electricity! Use a battery operated device.

6. Place folded towel behind your head and stretch out.
7. While you're soaking, take the time to gently, buff a washcloth over your body.

8. Using a body exfoliate in the bath is an excellent way to clear the skin of dead cells and help in its natural renewal process.

9. When you're done soaking, exit as slowly as you entered.

10. Spend about 15 – 20 minutes in the bath – too long will also have a negative impact on your skin.

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