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5 Months and no balance update

I have emailed the site with out a reply with my questions I dislike getting no answers.

I have asked when will our balances be updated~no reply

I ask are we still getting paid for featured images~no reply

I did get a reply a while back about when they downloaded my cash out to a card that was going outdated instead of the newest one and I lost 7 dollars and some change because it went outdated and a new one was never sent to replace it.  I was told on my next cash out they would included the 7.00 and change.  That would be fine with me if I seen a next cash out in my future but with my account not being updated in 5 months Im not seeing that happening.  My last email to them said I would like for them to cash out the almost 23 dollars I have in my account and add the 7+ which would make it over 25 and make me elegible for cashing out.  I said If I didnt hear back from them I would stop sending views and start removing my images.  Which I have done.

A lot of my images seam to be stuck to  the site and will not delete.  I keep the account open in hopes that I will some day see an account update.  Until then...  I'm done...  Im tired of RG being quiet about the state of the site.  I dont think its to much to ask that an update once a month be posted by the powers that be.  The last site that went quiet like this and stopped paying was a long standing site.  Is redgage next?  Who knows but with no updates I wonder.  And I can post images else where ,places I know Im not going to get paid and dont feel like Im wasting my time.  Met some nice people here.  And hope to see you on the other photosharing web sites. I just wish this was not the way things are but only RG can change that with information.

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