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Virtual Reality Check your neighbors garages.

This is about reality.  What is real and what is not real.  It is also about why and how people believe what they hear no-matter how ridiculous it is even if it means herpes.

Normally when I blog and write I try to back it up with documents that support my post.  In doing this  I am usually not embarrassed by errors or misinterpretations etc; etc;   Credibility, to me, is everything.  Its very easy to write what you think, what makes sense, and ultimately what you believe to be real and accurate, but when it is not backed up by trustworthy information and credible documents  embarrassment  looms and raises its head when someone points out that what you believed to be true and accurate was only valid after the third shot of tequila.   Even if a post is just an opinion, I want my opinions to have a little mix.

All that being said, is credibility really that important anymore, or is it only important to me? More to the point, when is it important to me.   It seems that what is not real is all the rhetoric we read, hear and see that is generated by the politicians who think we take them seriously.

Actually (if accuracy matters) it is and has always been the unreal, and un-factual rhetoric that has directed human beliefs and actions since the beginning of mans ability to communicate and chew cactus.

The rhetoric we read and hear from mainstream news is not based  on facts, real actions  or even actual history.   So where is the credibility?  It seems  that credibility is not necessary to be in the plausibility  fraternity.

Today, at this time, at this moment I am confused as to what is real and what is not real in the world and how can I can know one from the other.   It usually requires research or getting sober.   Do we not need to know the truth, or what reality is so that we can be successful?  So that we can be productive? So that we can go to heaven?  Wrong!!!  Sanctity, righteousness, exactitude, precision and truth will not beget success in just about any endeavor.  It will not even get you a good cigar.

Reality is subjective.   Human beings do not live and die by the truth about anything and as far as I can tell never have.  They live and die by what is popular to live and die by.   They live and die by virtualism  ( a virtual word) Virtualism is the modern replacement for propaganda and propaganda  somewhere at some time in the past, replaced the word  lies. No matter what you call it, the result is a living delusion.   Any self respecting virtual game player will disagree with this. Once you turn on the Xbox and transport yourself to Viet Nam or Mars, you are virtually there fighting your advisory with no fear of death. The difference is that the life and death part of a television virtual reality is not permanent. It doesn’t affect our lives. The words and policies coming from the pipe smoking candidates for president can potentially affect us.

It appears that once you go virtual, anything is possible.  Humans, more intelligent than I, realized this back when the caveman existed.  One cave man told another caveman  that if they became friends with their neighboring clan (who were most likely their  relatives) the neighbors would eat all their mastodon meat, take all their clothing made from mastodon fur and most important , ravage their woman.   The clansmen were not too concerned with replacing the mastodon meat or his skin but the ravaging part was serious. And to make things worse their newly elected leader who was also their dealer claimed that the lightning that started the fire that burned down their camp the previous year was really caused by the same neighbors who lived in the cave at the end of the block..  This was the first example virtual reality and it created fear and unsettling in the clan.  Therefore (in a virtual world)  the neighboring clan had to go. But in a non virtual sense, how would killing the neighbors benefit anyone?  The benefit was  the leaders need for power over the clan and it kept the clan in a sense of virtual security and safety as long as they believed what their leader had to say.  Safe from what you ask?  From the neighbors who were vegetarian gay people and who (they were told) burned down their settlement the previous year. Everyone knew that it was the lightning and not their neighbors (now known as the unreligious mongrels)  who caused the fire. Peer pressure to believe what their little government told them, the effects of the cactus, and the thought of their women being ravaged by the cave residents down the block was just too much for them to accept  and is why they went along with the program.


                                         You been hanging with those weird guys in the black cave on the corner again?

Lets flash ahead of the cavemen a few thousand years after the neighboring clans (the ones who survived) created their own virtual realities. There was the crucifixion of Christ, the killing of the first born, the floods, the droughts, the locusts (grass hoppers) all blamed on anyone who challenged the  present authorities or their following group  (now known as a nations).  Oh by the way, by this time God entered the picture and of course the only people who had favor with their God (who may have  been a goat)  was the leadership.  It’s all duly documented in religious books and scrolls of all faiths.  Somewhere in our history, virtual reality is the firing pin that justifies numerous wars and the attempted extinction of groups of people.

We (the United States) participated in World War I in part because of the sinking of the American ship the “Lucitania” allegedly by a German U boat. On May 1, 1915, the ship departed New York City bound for Liverpool. The Lucitania was a passenger ship, one of the fastest of its day.   Unknown to her passengers but probably no secret to the Germans, almost all of her hidden cargo consisted of munitions and contraband destined for the British war effort.  The Germans even warned the US that they had classified the Lucitania as a war ship capable of carrying munitions. It seems that on the day the ship was torpedoed the Lucitania’s military escort didn’t show up and the marine tribunal later asked the captain why he simply didn’t outrun the U-boat. His answer was because there was a hole in the hull as big as my D….  In spite of all of the available precautions it happened anyway.  The path to virtual reality had been created.   The Captain of the Lucitania was innocent of and about everything but anatomy.


Holy crap, then the Germans sunk the innocent American ship  Lucitania.  It was the beginning of WWI for the US.  British  investigators issued a statement that there were no military  arms aboard the Lucitania. Now virtual reality was that  Germany not the US started the war. Later 17 million people  died during WWI of which 320, 500 + were Americans.

 In March 1941, Roosevelt moved further towards making the  US the ‘arsenal of democracy’ with the Lend-Lease Act, which  permitted the lending, leasing, selling, or bartering of arms,  ammunition and food to “any country whose defense, the  President deemed vital to the defense of the US.” (Wickipedia)   And so again the US was providing war materials to England  but it is unclear, (based on Truman’s Lend Lease Act) whether  the US was selling bullets or renting them to England. No  matter. There is no doubt about the evil of Adolph Hitler, but come on……Hitler was a Germany and Europe problem not a US problem.  Here in the US we had our own problems. Joseph Kennedy Sr. had his 23yr old daughter Rosemary lobotomized.

I have a big surprise for you my sweet.

                                                                   I have a big surprise for you my sweet.

Hitler was a delusional virtual reality expert who convinced Germans and the Japanese they were on a mission from God. It has never been determined which God Hitler was referring to. The Japanese who also wanted to be included as a recipient of Gods will, concluded that since the US was supplying military goods to England again, and since Japan was Hitler’s Ally again, the US Fleet in Hawaii had to go.  However there is documentation that indicates that the FDR knew well in advance of Japan’s imminent attack and allowed it to happen without any avoidance.  The Japanese attack was the virtual reality needed to insure the participation of the United States in WWII. A serious investigation into the activities of those responsible for the security of the United States in 1941 may have destroyed the delusion and or virtual reality  that our own US Government had no culpability in the creation of our enemies and may have saved 1,076,225 American lives.

The Korean war was the first “proxy war”  proxy war occurs when one or more opposing powers instigates a war and then uses third parties to fight on their behalf. Other examples of proxy wars include the Vietnam War and the War in Afghanistan (Wickipedia). The Korean War began because China wanted all of Korean territory  and so did the US. After WWII.  Harry Truman and Congress created a Virtual Reality fear of communism.  In Korea 128,650 Americans died.. Neither China nor the US won and  of course the Koreans lost.

The Virtual Reality for the full blown military presence in Viet Nam began on August 4, 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin. Two US Navy destroyers claimed they were fired upon by  North Vietnamese “forces”.  This was a similar situation as occurred in Korea and most observers of the reported events in the Gulf who were actually on the vessel agree that the attack by the North Vietnamese never actually happened. A freedom of information request of records indicates that Robert S Mc Namara later received a message from the fleet that the North Vietnamese attack was actually a result of” freak weather effects” Id like to know how bad weather turned into a North Vietnamese attack. Lyndon Johnson  did not change the accusations  and once again created a virtual national fear of Communism.  In Viet Nam 211,454 Americans died before the US was chased out of the country by the North Vietnamese.

What do you mean it was a storm. You mean storm trooper dont you?

                                              What do you mean it was a storm. You mean storm trooper dont you?

The military draft stopped in 1973 and military registration was no longer required in 1975. In 1968 Nixon campaigned to end the draft. The Virtual reality was to benefit the people who were being drafted into the military against their will  but in actuality Nixon desperately needed to  stop the constant anti war protesting so he could get on with the business of war. However a greater and more important veracity is that with no draft (no mandatory military obligation)  congress and their friends could commit this country to war and they themselves were not required to serve in the military and fight the wars they created.

These US wars were all based on a virtual reality of fear and these fears were based on fictitious  delusional or intentional incident deceptions  that we were told were acts of war against the United States.

It appears that our government is  becoming bolder by the minute.  Their boldness is empowered by us. People everywhere support them because they are buying into their virtual reality schemes and scenarios.  It’s become popular to live  in constant fear in the US. Its become the norm to be in a constant state of War.

Our government  no longer needs any kind of vote to commit our resources and American lives in the name of…..well  take your pick,  freedom, security or protection against terrorism?  It just doesn’t matter.    With a stroke of the pen, the United States (congress) declared war on an intangible  perpetual virtual enemy with an unknown army, that represents no nations and is denied by all legitimate religions. (ISIS would disagree with the religious part)   Without any kind of provocation our government is at liberty to declare who is and who is not the enemy of our nation and deserving of war actions such as murder or military attack.. Today it happens to be the Muslims.  Who is it going to be tomorrow?

If your one of the non independent thinkers who believes and supports our politicians simply because they are a Democrat or Republican you are not only not an independent thinker you are not using your common sense and need to change your drug preference. You are residing in a popular virtual world created by those who have no interest in your welfare or the welfare of this country,.    The evidence or credibility of what I have just written is observable by the popularity of the politicians who are leading in the presidential election polls and are becoming more popular as time goes by. .

Almost everything that comes out of the mouths of Donald Trump , Hiliary Clinton, Marko Rubio, or Ted Cruz defies reason.  The common denominator is WAR enabled by the public’s belief in the virtual reality of distortions, disinformation and fabrications created by all of those politicians and believed by way too many people. They all want another war.  Why?  Common sense tells us its not the few murders committed by obvious deranged people who we are told are actually ISIS commandos. . Follow the money and ye shall be enlightened.  Their mutual perpetual fear mongering is apparently working.  Or it’s the water we drink. They openly say that its necessary that we go to war for our security.

Wow, look what the US sent us.

                                                                            Wow, look what the US sent us. 

The audacious part is that there are many who actually believe and support the idea that ISIS has attacked this country using military commandos who get their weapons at Walmart and masquerade as nut jobs. Or is it the other way around?  This is the virtual reality.  The actual reality is that ISIS is supported by the US with weapons and even medical treatment . Why? Because Isreal wants territory and oil that’s in Iran. Our enemy is now Iran??   ISIS vs Iran is another “proxy war” put together by the US and Israel and maybe Britain.    But the fear at home must be kept active or someone might say, “WTF do we care what happens in Iran?”  Hence we have ISIS commandos.

So to assist those who live in fear of ISIS and their constant sneaking around  with their wives after work shooting people, you can easily identify them.  Check your neighbors garages.  If you see an olive drab wood box filled with hand grenades or M-16s and the words US GOVERNMENT painted on the side, ISIS or an escapee from a mental institution probably lives there.  If you see a cardboard box with Walmart on the side Gonzo  probably lives there.

America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable” Hunter S Thompson


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