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My Reaction to Trump’s POTUS Nomination Acceptance Speech at the RNC2020

I didn’t listen. I did tune in. But I saw an audience full of people sitting close to together and not wearing masks. I saw the POTUS with a spotlight shining on him as if he were an awesome star and he was laughing and grinning so much that the lights were bouncing off of his pearly whites

. Then I thought about all the people dying from COVID-19 while the POTUS casually remarked at another rally that he told “his people” to slow down the testing. “His people”???? Are they different from “We the People”?

I thought about protesters against police brutality that have taken to the streets, regardless of the possibility of the very real possibility of being infected because … Hey! Choose! Catch a virus and die OR get choked to death, get shot in the back 7 times or get shot while sleeping in your bed 8 times? Choose what? What choice? They don’t see the difference.

I thought to myself? He’s the President. How can he laugh at a time like this? Does he really not understand the gravity of the situation? Does he even care? So I turned the channel and tuned him out! I don’t think I missed out on anything historic other than the fact that he accepted the presidential nomination directly from the White House. WHICH SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DONE!!

Trump’s America. His people and evidently it’s his White House.

Eh! What do I know? I’m just an AAC (average America citizen).

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