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Top 10 iPhone 3g Apps That I Cannot Live Without

I appreciate that this post is by no means groundbreaking in its originality (and I will probably pay for this with the Hub Score) but I like my new iPhone 3g that much that I feel the need to share my favourite apps that I really cant live without. Prior to obtaining my iPhone (granted only 3g) I owned an iPod Touch for a year, so I feel fairly well qualified to provide a balanced, time-tested review of what I feel are the most awesome apps available.

1 – iVideoCamera - This app allows you to record videos on the iPhone 3g, a feature that is unnecessary for the 3gs but crucial for the 3g, which cannot record, until now! At only 0.59p it’s an absolute bargain not to be missed – You can record up to 1 minute of film, and then share via email, Facebook or upload to YouTube, cool features for those that way inclined . . . like me :D

2 - Assassins Creed – As stated in the description this is possibly the highest profile title in the App Store! With both free and paid (£2.75) versions available in my opinion this game does not disappoint. I'm not a fan of the accelerometer so this game uses two circles like Xbox or PS controls in the bottom corners, the free version is definitely worth a download as a warm up for the paid.

3 - TwitPic – I'm a big fan of sharing my snaps and this ‘lite’ app makes it a piece of photographic cake! In literally a couple of clicks and a scroll photos can be uploaded to your TwitPic account. This is also great news for my 2010 new years resolution – intrigued? Check out my post all about it “My New Years Resolution: A Digital Photography Diary of 2010”

4 - TweetDeck- I have been a TweetDeck’r since the very beginning, I much preferred this app to any of the other Twitter apps out there, it notifies you when you receive DM’s or are mentioned in tweets, which I like. However the App now allows you to incorporate Facebook status updates into your ‘deck’, you can also update both your Twitter and Facebook status at the same time right from the app – This makes my social networking life easier!

5 - Facebook – Whilst the above does fulfil my Facebook needs to an extent, the FBK app at the minute is pretty impressive, short of editing your personal information there isn’t a great deal missed from the web version. Plus you aren’t stuck with all the ads! You can upload photos, videos, update your status and send messages –even make calls to friends (who have registered their number) directly from the app, which can be an absolute lifesaver!

6 - Ebay – Short but sweet, this app allows you to review ‘My Ebay’ and also search and make bids to win things you really don’t need (which I'm a sucker for). I do quite a bit of selling on Ebay and one of my fave features of this app is that you can share items on F’bk, Twitter or vie email, I find this to be a great method for promotion and when I use this I notice a considerable increase in page views.

7 - PayPal – This and the above go hand in hand, the app allows me to check my balance and send money easily. It also provides me with the shipping details of Ebay items on the go, which is great.

8 - Flash For Free – One of the well known flaws of the iPhone is the lack of photographic flash meaning pitch black photos are out of the question, but what about those at dawn or dusk? Well this app brightens your photos with the touch of a button, it even gives you a range of adjustments so you can choose the best.

9- Remote – I like music . . . Therefore this app is really great as it allows me to control iTunes on my laptop with my iPhone, great for being a mingling DJ at a party or just when hanging out. If you have an Apple TV its also compatible – although I don’t L

Number 10 was a close call! It was going to be the massively addictive TapDefense, but I have decided to go with the iPhone Sky + simply because it is genius. It allows me to check the Sky TV guide whilst I'm out, it even has the option to record programmes remotely. The only catch is that it took my about an hour to set up, getting it to pair with my Sky box was the problem, but all in all well worth the effort, I may even write a Hub about this one, hmmmmm.

 I hope that this post has been useful for all the iPhone users out there, I have to admit that this post is 100% subjective so feel free to contest or support my choices with a comment – climberjames :D

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