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Steps to Handle Credit Card Debt Collectors in the Philippines

Believe it or not, you are not the only one in the Philippines who defaulted their credit cards. Honestly, I belong to these group of people that before being paranoid whenever a credit card debt collectors are going to our houses or calling us over the phone, and take note , not just to ask us to pay but also to threaten us if will not going to pay. Yes, that was before, now that I know how to handle these credit card debt collectors in the Philippines , I'm now placid enough to handle the situation.

So if ever that you are in the situation same as mine, here are some steps I suggest you to do before you fall in the debt trap these credit card debt collectors wanted you to believe. 

Ask Who They Are

This is an s.o.p. Ask them who they are? what company they belong? and what is their intention of coming in your place? And if they tell you this is about your credit card...what's next?...

Ask For Your Statement of Account

And take note, it must be certified true and correct by the bank where you owe the money. I doubt they can give it. They can't. Believe me. But let's say that they provide one, call the bank immediately and ask them if its true.

By the way the S.O.A contains the detailed amount of your purchase and how does the interest was computated. This is different from the regular billing statement which is more of electronically produce.

So Let's Pretend that They Provide the SOA

Will you start agreeing with their terms? No. Rather they should agree with your terms. Pay only the amount you can. And what if they don't agree with your terms?

Settle this in Court

Yes, tell them that you'll just wait on whatever civil case the bank will file. Because in the court, everything is fair and legal. Don't worry, if in case the bank will win (which is true ), the decision will always be, you pay. And what if you cannot pay? Sorry, but all they have is just a paper victory. They can't do nothing else.

These are just simple steps telling you to be bold enough to face your credit card problems, accept the fact that you have debt, humble yourself so in the end you will realize that this situation you are experiencing is just a challenge for you to become a better person. Know your right as a credit card defaulter and stop believing all the words you hear from the credit card debt collectors.

Always remember that defaulting credit card in the Philippines is not a crime. Again, be calm and move on with your life. Enjoy. 

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