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PaidVerts pays you to visit sites for 30 seconds

Last Update : August 21, 2014


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PaidVert$pays you tointeractwith advertisers!

Paid Advertisementswill be deliveredto your accountevery day.All youhave todo is copythreelines of textaboutthe ad, and then, youvisit the websitefor 30seconds tounlock your
immediately cash payment.That's it!Your balanceis incrementedautomatically!


I -Explanationsin details:

You must clickon adscalledBAP(BonusAdPoint)for a period of30 seconds each.When you reach1600BAP, you will receiveadvertisementsof anyamountfrom Paidvert$ advertisers/users.BAPare cutinto 12 groups;The more yougo upin theBAPgroups, the moreAdsthat you will receivewill be high.


For starters,after clicking10 BAP per day, forreaching1600BAP, you will receive recycled adsfrom others userswho will recycletheir ads they won't want. Between 1 600 and 12 000, you will bein Group 1 ofBAP.You can,also,buymicroad packfor$ 0.05in the Myaccountsectionat the bottom ofthe page thatwill deliveryou $1of(a net profitof$ 0.95)within 72 hours(theory,it is between 7-10 daysin practice).Oncethe purchase of$ 0.05, whichwill deliver$1,isexhausted, repeatthis purchasefor $0.05!Thus, byusing therecycling adsby other users,you will exceedthe$1largelywith whomyou need to buyadvertisingof this amountby launchingan advertising campaign  ANDgetting BAP(later in thisarticle,a more completeexplanation).This purchase, to launchan ad campaign,is used toannouncea site with a link withor withoutreferral link. 


Allads to click,and theBAP ads,have a duration for 30 seconds.All ads mustto be clickin with 18:00onyour Paid Ads - My Account dashboard.

On the other hand, you mayrequirefor $ 0.05ofearningsper daywhichwill getwiththe requestof lowvalue adsonly whenyour adswill be allclickedORrecycledat any timeof the day.You can use these$0.05(2x $0,025) twicein a day,and I repeat, onceyou will be clicked onanyads orhave themrecycled in thePaidAdssectionof yourMy navigation menu.What for?Becausethey appearon this condition.This is asignificant incomeover 30 days,since this isa small amountof $1.5 per month which will allow youto take another$1 bulk ads +3100 BAP whichshallearn you$ 0.55.


Be careful though,becausethis request(earnings for $ 0.05per day, or2x $0,025)isa consumer of50BAPonlyfor 0.025$ and so 100BAPfor $ 0.05a day.

A littleanalysis is required;at therequestfor2x $0,025;you will get thefollowing number ofAds(12) multipliedby 2 (2x $0,025):

  • aad for0.0125$ 
  • a ad for 0,005$
  • fivead packfor $0.001
  • fivead packfor $0.0005

Again,theseads havea cost ina "tax"BAP:

The requestof these0.025$consumes 50BAP, or$ 0.05consumes 100BAP


  • Anad at $0.0005consumes 1BAP
  • An ad at $0001consumes2BAP
  • An ad at $0.002consumes 4BAP
  • An ad at $0.005consumes 10BAP
  • An ad for$0.01consumes 20BAP
  • An ad for$0.02consumes 40BAP
  • An ad for$0.04consumes 80BAP
  • An ad for $0.05consumes 100BAP
  • An ad for$0.10consumes200BAP
  • An ad for$0.20consumes400BAP
  • An ad for$0.50consumes1000BAP
  • An ad for$1.00consumes2000BAP
  • etc... 


For additionalBAPtoridein BAP groups,you must buyfor$1 bulk ads worth thatwill earn you$1.55(a net profit of$ 0.55)AND give you 3 100 BAPby launchingan advertising campaignto promote a website, a blogwitha link to verify.Tryclimbingto the Group 2of BAP, it is12,000 BAP.


I advise youthen,or ifyou have the financialmeans to do soforth,upgrade, inMyAccount toSuper UserUpgrade, choose Minifor$2.99(ranging in ads value from $0.01 to $0.49 each) and the next to Super UserUpgradeMegafor$19.90(ranging in ads values from $0.50 and up)as soonas you canwhichprovides you larger ads values​​(see myrecordsin two monthsof July and August2014include:ICI).


You canalsolimit the minimum value paid ads you'd like to receiveevery day by paying$10inMy Account - AdFilter.The conditionsare:

  • You must have  50,000+, to filterabove$0.01 (you would need 17$, 17 x 3 100 = 52 700 BAP, Group 4)
  • You must have100,000+, to filterabove $0.05 (you would need 33$, 33 x 3 100 = 102 300 BAP, Group 5)
  • You must have200,000+, to filterabove$0.10 (you would need 65$, 65 x 3 100 = 201500 BAP, Group 6)

My suggestion(s) : Eitheryou do not havemoney, like me,and you must followthe steps that I have just been discribed,eitheran initial investmentof $20or even more,according to your meansandyourtrusted level,it would bejudicious.
Do the math before !




  • Super UserUpgrade Minifor$ 2.99
  • Super UserUpgrade Megafor$ 19.90


Second,buyadvertising campaignfor $1,withwhichyou will getback$0.55 bulk ads to click and in pure profit  +3 100 BAP to climb onGroup2 BAP, even moreifyou can afford it!In the case ofthe Group 2I suggest youto purchasefor $5 value,so thatyouget15,500 BAP.Remember that, a $0.10 ad value consume200 BAP,and the valueofan adcan go up between$50and more like $200 which lasts for30 seconds!Youhave read that right:$50 and even more like $200, for one ad !Do the mathforBAPif you want to understand before to invest.But I donot hide it, it is notin this group2 of BAP that you will get it.I personally knowa blogger(Iregistered with hispaidvert$ referral link)who has got an $15 ad value justforviewingduring30 secondswhile it is in the group8 of BAP. Take a look ,this group 8 hasa range between720 0001 500 000 BAP ;Suppose,hypothetically,you have got 800,000BAP, becausethis is nothow we shouldthink,we should get800,000BAP /3100 BAP=258;So, you would have258dollars in balance or paypal account !And our$15 ad value ,itwould consume30,000 BAP.You can extrapolatethatyour $15 ad value willdrop down to770,000BAP ! 


It's not overbecause byregisteringwith myreferral link,HERE and below in blue,I will earn10% on the purchaseforAds while you will doand ditto foryou whenitwill be your turnANDit isin additionalso5%on the interactionof the clicksonthe adsthat you will click.This is notmandatory,because Paidvert$is not apyramidconcept,but it is anon-negligiblepassive earningsbecause whohas not dreamedformaking moneywithout doing anything!


If you're stillskeptical,checkdaily earningsat the bottom ofthe website pagewith TOP Referrers,TOPEarnings, etc ...butalso consult themonth ofJuly 2014:HEREAugust 2014, HERE andmyrecordsof thesetwo months:HERE).


Toepilogue,the dashboardis very clear ;there isgood information ;it's noteasy at the beginningbecause Paidvert$ is different from otherPTC websites.Remember,theBAPand climbin theGroups of BAP, so the valueofAdswill become more important,arethe key!And besides,I'maddicted toprovidethis explanation andtranslatethe FAQ in french.   


Review theFAQthat I havetried hardto translate intoFrench:HERE.You have mydaily evolution,rather eloquently,of July2014,and the followingmonths,in a separate articleandthe most important ads records that I have received.

Good luck!

To registerin confidence,please visitthis siteby usingmy referral linkbelow:


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