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FutureNET/FutureAdPro: the NEW social media who is paying its members

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Article's updates on the August 28th, 2017 - version 10.70


Do you want to make money online while you are sleeping ?


FutureNET, is a NEW Social Media like Facebook and an advertising platform, has bornt in Poland on September 25th, 2014 that pays its members/partners. It offers free and paid digital products, many even to help you growing your business very professionally ! They have the distinction, further to be paid, to bring you money, a lot of money. Get Paid for buying digital productsYou can Sign Up for FREE and use the social media for FREE like posting articles, showing photos, uploading your videos, chatting with your partners, you can like, share, comment without buying any memberships or any digital products.


FutureNET legal mentions


Paid digital products that will earn you money, you are no explanations for the time below:


  • The Social Media like writing articles, uploading photos, videos, like, share, comment (Free)
  • The Success system - 3 videos (Free),
  • The matrice 3x3 (FutureNET 5% Commissions system - Friends Tree),
  • The Matching Bonus,
  • The landingPage,
  • The Cloud,
  • The Blog,
  • The VideoMail,
  • The VideoTemplate,
  • The Chat (Free and Get paid),
  • The Momentum System (Free)
  • The Games,
  • The Advertising Bonus,
  • The Leader Bonus,
  • The MultiMedia Bonus,
  • The Career Plan,
  • The FutureNET advertising platform,
  • The FutureAdPro advertising platform (separate website),
  • The CryptoCurrency Futuro Coin,
  • FutureNET Leasing (luxure cars),
  • FutureNET Gold, 
You have at your disposal the legal details on the Terms, the marketing plan or into the international Facebook group. 
From only $10 Premium Beginner Package purchase which is the 3x3 matrix, you can reach $44,286 (Results are not typical). But you have higher packages such as the :
  • Premium Basic Package for $25,
  • PremiumGold Package for $50,
  • Matrix Exclusive package for $100,
  • Matrix Sapphire package for $500,
  • Matrix Royal package for $1,000.
For the $25 membership, you can reach 110 000$ when the 10 levels of the 3x3 matrix have been fulled (Results are not typical). All the 10 levels fulled represent 88 572 independent partners.Imagine what you can do with the other memberships. But you can also earn from the Matching bonus and the Leaders bonus.
But, I add an important information because you will not have to spend any other monthly fees, quarterly, half or yearly with the expenditure of $10 !
How can I reach this huge amount from only $10 ?
Very easy, as an independent partner, you must find only 3 members whom will sign up for FREE and will use for FREE the Social Media. But if these 3 members decided to buy the $10 membership, then, they will become independant partners on the Level 1 from you. That's all ! You can get all members and friends that you wish into FutureNETYou will help these 3 independent partners to find 3 independent partners each who will have taken the $10 membership on the level 2 from you. And so on ... . But there is some secrets for those whom don't want to spend any cents from their pocket, you can earn money for FREE. If you want to know how it is possible, sign up first into FutureNETHERE, and contact me by chatting on FutureNET. I will say these secrets. I repeat, you must only find 3 members whom will take $10 membership and other memberships and these 3 independent partners each must duplicate this technique to find 3 independent partners whom will take the $10 and other memberships. You have not to find 88 572 partners.

For your purchases and withdrawals, a plethora of payment processors are available:


→ Registration on FutureNET can be done immediately because it is totally FREE HERE, if you wish.

→ Official Presentation Videos of FutureNET : HERE


Note: Try to write me in the comment of this post, facebook : HERE, twitter : HERE, my RedGage profile, my gmail account into the RedGage public status.


FutureAdPro is an advertising platform. Members/Advertisers want traffic to promote their website for selling products or services. They are buying Ad Packs or advertising spaces as some banners (125x125, 468x60, 728x90) to receive traffic by getting more customers. All advertising space is purchasing ! FutureAdPro sells some advertising spaces on the internet ! all revenues (90%) from these advertising spaces (Advertising View Packs and $10, $50 Ad packs) have shared with you, FutureAdPro partners, as an average non guaranteed per Ad Pack ! The advertising has called Ad Pack that you purchase for $10 to expire $12 and $50 to expire $60  in severals days ! (Earnings have not guaranteed by time because FutureAdPro is not a bank). You get paid to do this every 15 minutes ! Right ? To buy advertising packages (Ad Packs) ! Number of Ad Packs are limited at 1 000 with $50 ad packs and 100 with $10 ad packs per account with membership V (paid membership) ! Do you begin really to understand ? FutureAdPro Partners get paid 4 times per hour, 96 times per day, EVERY DAY, ALL THE YEAR, 365 DAYS ON 365 ! Even while you are sleeping ! 

  1. Watch the FutureAdPro Official Presentation video : HERE (choose your language)
  2. Open a processor account : SolidTrustPay (Registration: HERE), Payza (Registration: HERE), Neteller, DotPay, Sofort, BitCoin, Payeer (Registration: HERE), PerfectMoney, 2Pay4You, OKPAY,
  3. Registration on FutureAdPro HERE,
  4. Confirm your email,
  5. Set up your FutureAdPro profile (send all documents to the support),
  6. Buy your number of $10 or $50 ad packs,
  7. Click on 10 ads of 30 seconds duration each,
  8. Watch your balance and Get Paid every 15 minutes,
  9. Repeat this work every day by clicking 10 ads per day,


Do you want other sources of earnings into FutureAdPro ? Yes ! Ok ! Then, from your referral link, earn 8%, 4%, 1%, 1%, 1% with membership V (paid) on the Ads purchases from your new partners (Advertising View Packs and $10, $50 Ad packs) !


More infos below : 


→ The FutureNET semantic article on my Linkedin account : Contact me for accessing to this article (English/Français)

→ The FutureAdPro semantic article on my Linkedin account : Contact me for accessing to this article (English/Français)

→ The Official FutureNET Momentum system : HERE (Choose your language)

→ Official Presentation Videos of FutureNET : HERE (Choose your language)

→ The FutureAdPro Official Presentation video link : HERE (Choose your language)


MOBILE NOTE : If you want to use FutureNET by an iPhone or Android,  please, download the mobile app first before registering :HERE


➔ Please, register and join this social media, FutureNET  to become independent partner: HERE


➔ Please, register and join this advertising agency FutureAdPro to become independent partner: HERE


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Independent Partner, User or Premium User of Futurenet Platform


All calculations of examples of losses or profits are estimates only that you can earn and are in no way be considered as guarantees. Your success or failure depends entirely on your commitment, your understanding and your intellectual and financial capacity!

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