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My journey as a Pheneologist

Only 2 of the plants I am watching as a Pheneologist are in a Pheno Phase

1.Pheno Phase of Conifer... Norway Spruce ( First new Needles)

The beginging of new growth is primarily regulated by air temperature: however photo period also has an affect on growth

Norway Spruce...Picea abies
First Needles 2/2/2016
Sunny yet cold 37 Degrees 4 mph wind

2.Pheno Phase of of Wildflower, Herbs & Ground cover Pachysandra... ( First Flower)

Common name Green Sheen Family Buxaceae
The leaves are simple and are in 2 - 4 inch whirls

Pachysandra..Pachyasandra termininalis...(First Flower)
First Flower 2/2/2016 
 Sunny yet cold 37 Degrees 4 mph wind

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