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Importance of ozone air purifiers for basement mold

What is Ozone?Ozone is one of the components of the atmosphere. It a natural gas, that is pale blue in color. In scientific terms it is actually the oxygen gas along with some additional atoms attached to it. This is made with the help of the UV energy from the sun interacting further with oxygen gas. Generally after a thunderstorm, one may smell fresh air, this fresh is the air that is purified by the ozone. This is not only effective in cleaning the air but also safe. But one must remember that anything that is very pure may kill anyone. This layer must protect in such a way that its exposure to human beings is safe. This is where the ozone air purifiers for basement moldcome into picture.

For cleaning the air in the houses, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has come up with established clear ozone limits for spaces which come to around 0.05 ppm which is considered to be safe.  A Single air purifier is never recommended as a solution because; single technology may not effectively purify the air when compared to the different technologies available in different purifiers. There are different filtration systems for the ozone air purifiers available today. Here’s a quick brief –

Different filtration systems for ozone air purifiers

Normally there are three types of filtration systems available.

The Passive filtration system – The first one being a passive process of filtration which mainly helps in filtering and cleaning inside the system. Air is pulled into the purification for cleaning.

The Active filtration system – This process deals with the cleaning conducted outside the unit. Here the technology helps in activating a process that goes outside the system to clean the air.

The Passive/Activefiltration system – This process is a general one. It is not specific to any technology but is applicable to a unit which has multiple technologies in it. It is a combination of both active as well as passive.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages are:

Ozone generation: This has an Active process in it. It is proved that this element in the air which helps in cleaning the air. One needs to careful in controlling the generation level of this element to keep it within the EPA guidelines.

UV Ultraviolet: This has a passive process in it. It generally uses relatively less expensive UV light to destroy the microorganisms like bacteria, viruses etc.

Ionization: This works as an active process. It contains ions that may be either negative or a combination of both negatively and positively charged ions. Some of the dust particles usually come out of air and stick the walls, books, shelves of the rom. These are not usually cleaned on a regular basis.

Electrostatic Precipitator: It works on the principle of passive process. They trick the tiniest
with the help of charged plates. They help in clearing the air but the main challenge here is to move freely to clear the particles.

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