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How to Design the Bathroom Lighting

A bathroom is an adorable place where everybody gets some relaxation period. Therefore, bathroom decoration is a vital part of the Interior Designing. Before starting the decoration, keep in mind that the bathroom should have enough space for manual works. Many a time, you have probably made an online search about how to decorate a bathroom and to resolve your query, one of the most important features of the bathroom has been discussed and it is ‘lighting’. To make your bathroom a luxurious sanctuary, lighting is an essential part.

For making a remarkable atmosphere, four types of bathroom light will a great help, these are:

  • Task Light
  • Accent Light
  • Decorative Light
  • Sparkle Light

Underneath are descriptions about these lighting:

 bathroom remodelling

Task Lighting

With the help of this light, you can see yourself in the best way. Therefore, as per the expert, appropriate task lighting at your mirror is essential. You should use one pair of sconces that have to be mounted at the eye level on both sides of that mirror for having shadow less illumination. If you want to decorate your bathroom more precisely, then you can find out 5 tips on how to decorate a bathroom in other websites. Now, you or your family members properly perform the makeup application, tooth care, shaving etc. You can add one makeup mirror to get additional specialized lighting.

Task Lighting Wattage

Either in a master bathroom or in a guest bathroom, you should use fixtures, providing 75 to 100 watts illumination.

Accent Lighting

If you are an art lover from the heart, then accent lighting will serve the best for you. These directional and recessed lights will help to provide the focused illumination on every art piece.

Decorative Lighting

The light decoration is one of the important things in the bathroom remodelling, This type is light is able to enhance the visual sparkle. According to expert, you can add one single pendant in your square-shaped bathroom to get the right touch.

In case of a big rectangular bathroom, the expert suggests installing two to three fixtures along the bathroom ceiling plane to get sufficient illumination.

Candles have the capability to offer an incredible sparkle and create a unique, relaxing, and romantic tone as well. However, you must place them at distant places and well-away from any type of flammable objects including hair and towels. Remember; never ever leave these items unattended. Safety is necessary.

Ambient Light

Ambient light acts as a fill light. The expert said that if you have a bathroom with a cantilever or cove details along with taller ceilings, then these lighting fixtures can be perfectly installed along specific space’s perimeter.

With such amazing lights, you can decorate your bathroom as per your choice.

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