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Reading Fanfiction Online

I enjoy reading a lot. I mostly read sci-fi and fantasy books, but I've recently discovered another cool thing to read... Fanfiction! Fanfics are fan-created stories based on an existing book, movie, anime or any story, really. Naturally since everyone can write fanfiction there are a lot of really terrible stories. However there are some real gems, too.

My favorite site for reading fanfiction is It's also the biggest fanfic hosting site online, so if you're looking for some stories to read, check it out. Of course if you are writing fanfiction, this is the place to host it since you'll surely get a lot of reviews and feedback from your readers.

Personally I've been reading Harry Potter fanfiction lately. You wouldn't believe how many HP fanfics are out there! It's like everyone has written one. It's really hard to find good ones among all the junk, but if you want to give fanfiction a try and are familiar with the HP world, I'd recommend some of stories by Jbern . His stories are very different from the books as they're darker and have a more mature and gritty Harry. There's lots of action and some violent fights. Honestly, I enjoyed some parts of it even more than the original HP books!

By the way, you might be interested to know that JBern (Jim Bernheimen) - yes, the same excellent HP fanfiction author - has actually published a few books recently. I highly recommend you check "Horror, Humor, And Heroes" out if you like dark humor and fantasy.

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