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Growing Up in The Midwest

 I thought I would let you know what it was like to live in Michigan.. First off I was a Ministers daughter so my family moved every 5 years. So I was raised in many parts of the state..  The first 7 years of my life we lived in Detroit. Then my father started a church in Sterling Hts. it was a new area just on the outside of Detroit. My Mother got to choose the  house for the church. We were blessed to be the first family living it. Then my father got a call we were moving again.

This time to the U.P. So it was good by to my friends I had since 2nd grade..  Onto a new life and a new town, this time it being in the U.P.  We had  moved to Escanaba. A nice place to move I guess if you're a 12 year old girl. In the 5 years we lived there that's when I did all my firsts like first dance, first boy friend,first kiss. So when one asks what my hometown is I say Escanaba. The town itself is a beautiful place it's surrounded by water.. We had a park with a big hill great in the summer for watching fireworks, in the winter great for sledding. It was a town where drama and fine arts were just as important as football games.. It's the town even to this day you go into a store and people are friendly.. I  always thought I would live  there forever. No after 5 years came where we would be moving or not, once again my father got that call we're moving..

This time I was a Sr. In high school I thought just maybe I would be blessed like my older brothers and go to high school  with out changing schools. This time I moved to a Mt. Morris just north of Flint.  At my old school it was great  I had all my friends I was just a girl  not anything big. I had lots of friends. That changes when you move your Sr. year.. You become the girl all the guys love and the girl the girls envy. For they tired to be friends with the football team and other jocks. Here I came as one friend put it a Escanaba tornado. He told me I was nothing like the girls that lived there.. I was friendly, kind and treated everyone the same..  I will have to say that year of high school was my best year ever in school.. It was every girls dream year. I dated a football player, was popular, had friends from all the groups in the school and had a class with 22 boys and I was the only girl.  I think  the best thing that happened that year  I met a girl.  She was blonde not one of the popular girls just a girl like I was at my old school. What made her special was she was fun to be around. Her name was Susan and you know 32 years later I can still say we are friends . I thank God everyday for friends like her she always had my back in school and She still does to this day. Thanks to her I found Red Gage.  Susie will always be one of my Dearest Friends.. Thank you Susie.. The other thing I got out of moving so much I do not think I would be the person I am today if had not moved and started over so many times.. So what you might think is terrible at the time is really a Blessing.

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