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How To Keep Pets Happy On A Move Across Country

Moving Across Country With Pets

Moving to a new place or city is an experience in itself!  It’s not as easy or simple as it sounds. One has to prepare a lot in advance for the same, and if one is moving with pets it requires all the more preparation and effort since it can be tiring not only for you, but for your pets as well.

Planning To Move Pets

One has to be all the more cautious when moving long distances with a pet because pets are incapable of communicating their discomfort, or stress during the travel. Proper planning in advance would help not only you, but the pet as well. Pre- planning your trip and the travel of your pet is very essential, as it will help you be more organised and prevent any kind of confusion or last minute delays. Conduct a thorough research before travel and find out the best possible means for transferring the pet safely, securely without any risk involved or any threat or injury. There are many pet handling agencies that help in the moving of pets and give all kinds of assistance for shipment, or boarding, pick –up of the pet or its delivery.

Take Care Of Everything Before You Leave!

Before starting on your journey make sure that you visit a vet and get a proper thorough check up of your pet, whether its fit to travel or not. Any due shots, if needed should be done well in time. The vet can also help in guiding regarding safe travel of pets, can give medicines or sedatives if required as some pets might be prone to motion sickness, or can feel uncomfortable or restless during travel as the new surroundings tend to make the pet anxious and in some cases even aggressive which might make it difficult to handle.  The vet can also help in suggesting a new vet in the new area which will make it easier for you. Also in case of air travel, it is required that you have a health certificate from the vet.  

Recommended Tips For Moving Pets Cross Country

It’s advisable to put on an ID- tag for your pet with its name, your name, the address of the destination, and phone number. Dogs and cats are easier to identify and have a lesser chance of getting lost or losing its way during travel. But pets like birds need proper identification. Since the mode of transferring pets is limited, the most common way of moving pets is either by air or by road in your personal vehicle. Different airlines have different rules and regulations regarding the movement of pets. The pets could be accompanied or unaccompanied. One should make proper reservations for the pet in advance find out the costs and the procedure for air travel of your pet. If the pet is a small cat or dog it can accompany you directly in the cabin itself in a small carriage, but if the pet is huge for, example a big dog then it would have to travel through cargo, which could be a little dangerous for the pet. It is necessary that during travel there is proper ventilation, you can make enquiries regarding the conditions for shipping the pets in cargo. It should be safe and availability of food and water should be taken care of. Some airlines have different procedures for the travel of pets, find that out, and choose the best flight for your pet that’s the safest and convenient and fits the pocket as well. Sometimes, if the travel is long and tiring it is suggested to give a sedative to the pet in the right quantity and only under the guidance of a vet, so that the pet can sleep and rest during the entire journey. Also, some sedatives tend to make the pet thirstier, so it’s necessary to make sure that they are provided with enough water so to prevent any chance of them getting dehydrated.

Road Tips For Moving With Pets

You might want to keep some toys for your pets like balls or soft chewy bones if the pet is a dog so that they don’t get restless during travel. It helps them to remain distracted and makes the journey more stress-free for them. Enough food, for your pet, should be arranged. You should stop to take breaks during travel so that the pets can roam around, and play a little to de-stress themselves. You can actually treat your pets with a special feast.

Give Your Pets Extra Attention!

Give them their favourite foods during travel and try to make them feel pampered. It’s necessary that the pets don’t feel neglected or ignored during travel or during the entire moving process, because sometimes in such hectic and stressful situations we tend to ignore the needs of the pet and this can further make the pet more uncomfortable, stressed or sick. Pets need a lot of love and attention and that is enough to prepare them for a travel whether by air or road.

If travelling by road, it’s preferable to make sure that your vehicle is pet –friendly. It should be spacious, and properly ventilated, and opening for enough sunlight to pass through so that the pet doesn’t feel suffocated or uncomfortable during the travel or make sure that the pet carrier is big enough to comfortably fit in your car.  

Make sure to check out these 3 tips for moving with pets by to learn some more great advice for keeping pets calm and happy during a long move.

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