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Where do dreams come from and why do we dream ?

I was really tired earlier this evening so I went to take a nap. I ended up dreaming, it seemed forever. I think I was dreaming that I was in a movie. The movie was some type of law and order type show. I must have been a D.A. or a judge. I had put someone away many years ago, but then he shows up at my door to terrorize my family. He was supposed to be in jail but turns out the guy in jail was a double. He caught me while all my family was at home. He seemed to know us very well and started as I said to terrorize my family. He played on their fears and weaknesses, and it was scary how it seemed we become such a fractured family. .The con man ordered us to a public function; I think it was my retirement dinner. He wanted everything to appear normal, while he was in the background; he was planning to target other people that were coming to the gala. I was trying to give a hint to one of my best friends and then the dream ended and I woke up.

Dreams are funny things; I always wonder where they come from. I guess I have seen a lot of shows and movies on T.V. and I have read more than a few crime novels. I am on meds and have sleep apnea so I think they cause dreams more often. I hate it when I wake up from a dream that seems so very real and I have a horrid headache. If I wake up with a headache during the day I find a cup of coffee helps me. But I don’t dare drink coffee in the late evening or the middle of the night.

Do you have dreams , do they make any sense to you .

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