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How to Pick Out a Halloween Costume

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love holidays like their birthday and Christmas. Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise because, well, who doesn't love receiving gifts? But, while these gift giving holidays are great, many people have grown fond of Halloween. Why?

Halloween is one of the few days where anyone can be virtually anything they want. On this day, people are allowed to express themselves to the fullest and quite literally step into the skin of an entirely different person. While some could argue if this is actually the mindset of the larger population, at least the thought is there.

Picking out a Halloween costume is never easy - in fact it could even be stressful when you're trying to outdo your friends. Luckily, there are some creative venues to take a look into that could give you some ideas. For example, considering pop culture, your favorite sports team or even grabbing an animal onesie from a Onesies Store are all great ideas to get you started.

Consider Pop Culture

Pop culture is a great thing to consider for Halloween because virtually everyone knows it. A great way to really exploit this venue is to check out news websites - ones related to celebrities oftentimes work best. More often than not you will see a major headline that focuses on one single celebrity. If you take the time to listen to conversations around you, there's probably a pretty goo chance that this headline was being talked about. So, if you were to choose to be this particular celebrity for Halloween you're sure to be recognized almost instantly. What better way to be the life of the party than to be immediately known by everyone?

Consider Your Favorite Sports Teams

Being a celebrity is great, but perhaps it's a bit cliche. Another way for people to instantly recognize you is to be a sports icon. Of course if you go down this route you run the chance of being even more cliche than those who are celebrities. However, putting a twist to things here can spice your night up quite a bit. For example, if you were going to be Michael Jordan, you probably wouldn't be the most unique party goer. On the flip side, if you are Michael Jordan from the iconic movie Space Jam (i.e. wearing a Space Jam jersey) you have yourself a great and unique idea.

Other ideas that are common include being a zombie version of a celebrity but you don't have to start there. Perhaps you want to be a pirate version of your favorite baseball player or even a ninja version. Remember, your options are only limited by your imagination.

Be Your Favorite Animal

If you feel you've considered everything you can but still can't come up with a costume idea, there's always a great fallback. What is that fallback, you ask? Being your favorite animal, of course! This is a fun idea that will give you a cute costume that everyone is sure to love.

While you can go really low budget and simply get some cat ears and drawn on whiskers, perhaps you want to attempt to outdo everyone else. If you're in this boat, checking out something like an online Onesies Store where you can buy a full outfit of your favorite animal. While it may seem cheesy, remember, that's the fun of it!

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