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The New RedGage

Okra!  Finally Blooming

I am in love with the new RedGage!  While viewing such lovely photos and looking around the place for sharing I discovered the share buttons.  We now have Google+, Tumbler,Twitter,Facebook, and Stumbleupon  share buttons and they work quickly!

I am using Chrome and the site is smooth and fun.  It is such a relief to view such gorgeous photos with their desciptions and to be able to surf on one persons uploads and share and enjoy without the fear of NOT having 400 characters and being afraid that you may say something that someone has already said online and getting zapped for it.  This is called America and this is freedom!

It is a breeze to Blog on RedGage!  I love this platform.  I will be doing more blogging here I think.  Pick you font and the size!  I can read large print easily!  Look Mom ,  No Glasses!

Thank YOU RedGage for working so diligently to provide us with such a wonderful Web Site to share Our Everyday Lives with our online friends!

By the way my Okra is blooming and growing little pods in The Garden.  Will make some great gumbo and rice!  Yumm.  

Great Sharing with you guys.  Blog me back!  What is growing in your garden?

Image and Script By Angela Faith 7/2013

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