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Romantic Suspense

Kindle Romantic Suspense


  • WITHOUT REPROACH is an adult, romantic supense. The story is racy, fast moving, with page turning excitement.  This adult romantic suspense might not be  erotica, but be prepared for hot spice, and dark emotions.

Romantic Suspense - Romantic Suspense -

Romantic Suspense - 

  • La Finca Piedra is a beautiful Spanish villa and riding school, nestling under the sierras of the Costa Blanca. Jenny, born and raised in England, has no idea why she inherited it from Spanish artist, Juan García. She has never been there, never met him has never heard of him and is not related to him... yet there are things about the ancient villa that feel uncomfortably familiar… Then she discovers a painting of herself in the nude.
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  • Eduardo, twenty years younger than half-brother Juan, is the main beneficiary of the Will. Conflict erupts out of Eduardo’s single-minded resolve to preserve the finca for the García family, and Jenny’s equal determination not to give it up. However, the longer she is there the less she understands, and she begins to question her sanity...

Romantic Suspense

  • Direct and compelling, WITHOUT REPROACH is a romantic suspense about intrigue, deception, and self-torment, the struggle between the arrogance of man and the inner strength of woman, a story of illicit emotions and dark secrets, a contemporary, adult romance.



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