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Jakarta Takes The Lead


Writers, readers, publishers, take a look at this!

A publishers group has set up a book center in Jakarta with the aim of encomapassing the whole of their publishing industry. Maybe someone over at this end ought to be taking a damn good look at doing the same for us! Good luck to 'em, I say!

The Indonesian Book Center, hailed as the first of its kind, is all set to serve as a central point for writers, publishers, distributors, suppliers, and book lovers. The idea of a one-stop approach for book lovers to buy books, and meet publishers, is claimed to be quite unique.

For new writers, it's also a chance for them to offer their work. In Jakarta, new writers often go door-to-door, from one publisher to another, offering their manuscripts .... not so different to us! This is a great opportunity. Absolutely top notch.

As writers we can only applaude! I wish we had the same opportunity!

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