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Over-the-Counter Antibiotics for Dogs

With the exception of certain antibiotic creams (like Neosporin), canine antibiotics are not available without a prescription. However, if you have an accurate diagnosis and specific suggested treatment, there are several bona fide options for obtaining substitute antibiotics without a prescription.

Over the Counter Antibiotics for dog

   1. While antibiotics are usually effective when used properly, they can also cause harm to the animal if misapplied. Therefore, it is always important to get a proper diagnosis of whatever is ailing your pet, rather than blindly self-medicate it.
      Foreign Pharmacies
   2. Increasingly, foreign online pharmacies are offering antibiotics for sale without a prescription. These medicines are the exact same antibiotics used by both canines and humans. Some are even catering specifically to pet owners. See the link in the Resource section.
      Herd Antibiotics
   3. Many of the antibiotics used to treat herd animals like cows, sheep and pigs are the same antibiotics used for dogs. These antibiotics are available without a prescription at most farm supply stores.
      Fish Antibiotics
   4. According to pharmacist Corey Nahman, fish antibiotics do not need prescriptions, and are available at most pet stores. The following antibiotics used for fish are readily available, and commonly use for dogs, too: Cephalexin, Amoxicillin, Tetracycline, Metronidazole and Ampicillin.
   5. Prescription drugs are, in part, so expensive in the United States because they are regulated. Many foreign drugs, however, are not regulated, so the quality of the medicine might be inconsistent. It is also very important to correctly adjust dosages: a 1,500-lb. cow will need a much higher dose of antibiotics than will a 30-lb. beagle.

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