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Some Worst Food Items for your Teeth

While healthy foods can create your life there are certain foods that are worst for your health and could have negative impact on your overall health and hence it is important for individuals to avoid such food stuffs that are detrimental to our health. All we are saying is that while there are good foods there are worst foods also and better you quit better is the case. With this article we are going to list those items that could be worst for your teeth.

So let’s start listing those bad items those we need to quit including in our diet plate.

Hard candy-Hard candies are one of those food items that might be tempting but are one of those detrimental food items which should be avoided right away. These food items are rich in artificial sugars and these should be avoided under all circumstances. These trigger a dental emergency such as a broken or chipped tooth and thus you need to avoid these at the earliest.

Chilled water or ice-While chilled water or ice could be tempting and can quench your thirst in sunny days it is one of those worst items that can damage your teeth and mouth cavity. Chilled water or frozen ice can damage the root of your enamel and thus should be avoided under all circumstances.

Heavy Citrus Intake-Small quantity of citrus food is beneficial as it offers some amount of Vitamin C to our body but it should be avoided in excess amount and even in small amount if you have mouth sores. Taking citrus foods in such a condition worsens the condition as it irritates.

Sticky Foods-Sticky food items like chewing gums could be tempting and it might be your favorite habit but you need to avoid such chewing gums as it can create a sticky layer of artificial sugar which is the best environment for bacteria to grow.

Caffeine containing food items-Moderate amounts of caffeine are considered safe for individuals, but excess of such drinks and foods that contain caffeine can cause damage to your teeth. Drinks that contain caffeine can leave stains behind on your teeth damaging the enamel of or teeth.

Potato Chips-Potato chips are one of the most tempting food items that we can have in our daily life. It is very tough to resist such food items but unfortunately potato chips are filled with starch, which tends to get trapped in your teeth and helps in the formation of plaque which is detrimental to our teeth and mouth cavity.

Even after taking all those care you get a feel of tooth ache or bad breadth you need to visit an oral and maxillofacial expert likeHaithem Elhadi Babiker MDwho has been serving in this domain for a long while.

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